Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
Services - Computer Forensics and E-Discovery
Spectrum's computer-forensic and digital-discovery services include: Digital globe
  • Support clients in the discovery-planning phase to identify those systems and media critical for preservation, processing, and analysis.

  • Guide the creation of appropriate "litigation hold" language for a particular matter.

  • Assist in the development of interrogatories, subpoenas, deposition questions, and similar steps in the litigation process.

  • Collect data/ESI in an evidentiary-quality manner to assure its admissibility in court.

  • Identify and preserve relevant "Cloud" based data/ESI, including iCloud, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

  • Capture and preserve cell phones, including iPhones, and Android-based phones from Samsung etc.

  • Analyze data to identify case-appropriate evidence and privileged information.

  • Deliver computer-forensic analysis and reporting that is well organized and written, simplifying the client's task of finding key and relevant information.

  • Provide expert deposition and witness services, as well as the creation of affidavits.

  • Process email and other ESI for indexed searches and provide e-discovery consulting to include the coordination of 3rd-party hosted lit-database solutions.
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