Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
Internal Vulnerability Assessments

As external protection has increased, hackers increasingly rely on methods to leverage the soft interior of a network, gaining a beachhead to a local host via an enticing email or website (or the avenues exposed by BYOD, wireless, etc.). Spectrum's Internal Vulnerability Assessments are geared at identifying the weaknesses of your network as it exists behind the corporate firewall.

A variety of options exist to test interior security. Evaluating patch levels is but one way; emulating the escalation efforts of a determined hacker are yet another and are part of the services available to Spectrum's clients.
Spectrum's services include:
  • Inventory your logical assets

  • Check patch levels

  • Test Network Applicance Configuration

  • Identify vulnerabilities

  • Attempt advanced privilege escalation and network misuse/compromise

Supporting clients in data-intensive ways.