Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
External Network Penetration Testing

Testing your Internet-facing network devices and applications has never held more importance. Ensuring the best configuration of your firewalls and Web-site applications is a critical aspect to the management of all organizations with data and resources to protect.

It is important to determine the scope of a particular pen-test and to understand the differences between those offered by Spectrum and others. A low-priced engagement may be, by definition, a penetration test, but unless performed in an interactive manner, will simply represent the most basic of testing. “Push button” network penetration testing is not what we provide.

Web-site attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting are but two in a range of exploits that may succeed against your organization. Testing these and other Web-related vulnerabilities are some of the services that may be included in an external penetration test. Spectrum offers Website testing beyond OWASP standards.
Supporting clients in data-intensive ways.