Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
Security Assessments - External Penetration Testing, Internal Vulnerability Assessments, and IT Audits

The threat environment facing your organization grows daily, ranging from script kiddies to overseas professionals. Data breaches have become seemingly commonplace, a result of poor security, determined professional hackers, complicit insiders, or a combination of these and more.

Testing the safeguards your organization has in place is a key means to identifying your true security profile. No one is immune to every and all types of attacks, but you can reduce how “appetizing” you are to prospective attackers.

From internal assessments to external penetration testing, Spectrum’s combination of security services provides our clients with the ability to affirm their intended security profile.

We use a variety of commercial and some special-purpose, open-source tools, as well as in-house developed scripts. Spectrum leverages the latest tools and know-how to help determine the risks to your organization.

Our training and certification in computer security and penetration testing provides our clients with a robust solution. Spectrum’s security assessments and audits will leverage the appropriate framework to meet our clients requirements and help ensure they meet their compliance requirements.

Supporting clients in data-intensive ways.