Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
HIPAA Security Audit

As a health-care, health-insurance, or medical-billing provider, meeting HIPAA data-security requirements are an absolute necessity. The penalties for HIPAA breaches, brought into effect with HITEC, are in addition to the damage brought to your entity's brand and reputation should a breach occur.

Leveraging our experience in Fortune 10 corporate audit, together with our know-how (and certifications) in computer security and penetration testing, Spectrum provides its clients with an array of engagement options.

Conducting a HIPAA-based security review may encompass a straightforward policy-based audit or extend beyond that to include a full-blown system-security assessment, with an external network-penetration test and an internal-vulnerability assessment.

We approach each engagement with a focus on practicality and common sense, working with our clients to provide them with the right mix of services to audit their HIPAA security-related policies and evaluate their PHI-security profile.
Combined with our experience in analyzing PHI-related breach incidents, an engagement with Spectrum brings with it a high degree of practical knowledge and common sense.
Supporting clients in data-intensive ways.