Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
Compliance Solutions - HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and BSA/Software Audits and Reviews

Compliance with the myriad State and Federal data-security regulation is a simple fact of corporate existence for many entities (and increasingly so). Healthcare providers, health-insurance processors, and those accepting credit card payments are among those with specific data-security requirements dealing with the protection and breach reporting of confidential, client information.

Beyond compliance requirements, protecting the security of PHI (Personal Health Information) or PCI (Personal Credit Information) is critical to maintaining your entity's brand and reputation. A breach of this data is one means to have these destroyed or otherwise damaged, apart from the litigation risk a breach may bring.

Spectrum's goal in terms of PHI and PCI security is to provide our clients with the highest ROI on their audit spend, focusing on those elements most critical to the protection of their customers' data. Click on the links below to learn more about each of these service offerings.

  • HIPAA Security Audit

  • PCI DSS Review

  • Software audits evaluate your firm's compliance with software-licensing agreements. This may be part of a BSA-audit or related query focused upon a security review of installed applications.

  • BSA-style Audit/Software-Licensing Review

  • Supporting clients in data-intensive ways.