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J. Stott Matthews Named “Most Helpful Expert” in Trade Secret Case with $5.3 Million Verdict
April 2015
Company sued ex-employee for disclosing trade secrets
Defendant emailed self valuable IP during last week with plaintiff
By: Michigan Lawyers Weekly Staff in Verdicts & Settlements
Wayne County jury awards $5.3M for trade secret theft
Ex-employee accused of transferring via email
Michigan Lawyers Weekly: by Douglas Levy
Employment – Former employee cannot use trade secrets and customer lists
Michigan Lawyers Weekly: by Ed Wesoloski
Spectrum Computer Forensics Employee Earns
Certified Penetration Tester (CPT) Certification
Spectrum Computer Forensics Employee Earns
International Ethical Hacking Certification
Federal Bar Association (FBA)
Eastern District of Michigan

Social Media & it's Impact on Litigation:
From Discovery Through Trial
Social media can impact litigation,
if you're willing to look hard enough

Michigan Lawyers Weekly: by Carol Lundberg
Women's Bar Association (WBA)
Oakland Region - Lunch & Learn

E-Discovery: What you don't know can hurt you
Mainstream use of e-discovery
calls for some clarity on the rules

Michigan Lawyers Weekly: by J. Stott Matthews
Spectrum Computer Forensics Employee Earns International Computer Forensics Certification
Internal Threats and Implications
of New PII Legislation

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Detroit Chapter - Monthly Meeting
Computer Forensics: What Are You Really Sharing? or Barbarians At and Within the Gates
The Institute of Continuing Legal Education - Hot Issues in Privacy Law
Human resources -- new trade secret responsibilities
Detroit Legal News Article: by Carey Dewitt & J. Stott Matthews
Presentation to Legal Assistants- State Bar of Michigan - Annual Day of Education

Executive Summary: Case 2:05-cv-70404-RHC-SDP

Opinion 12/20/06: Case 2:05-cv-70404-RHC-SDP
Beaumont Hospitals

Beaumont Hospital Stolen Computer Data Safety

Beaumont Says Stolen Laptop Recovered,
Data Not Accessed

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