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The Situation
You: A Litigator

Context: Case-critical evidence resides on computers, a network, USB flash drives, PDAs, or other digital devices at your client's location.

Your Challenge: How to best service your client, build a robust case in chief, and ensure your client avoids any costly spoliation mistakes without a digital-ready discovery plan.

Solution: Partner with Spectrum to maximize the discovery process and deploy the latest technologies and protocols for the benefit of your client.

Whether it is providing responsive Electronically Stored Information, processing files for your litigation database, or leveraging our advanced computer forensics, Spectrum is ready to support you and your client.

Apply Spectrum's proven digital-discovery and computer-forensic capabilities that have brought success to its clients and dramatically enhance your practice.

Technology has Changed the Paradigm of Discovery
Today, evidence related to your client’s case will almost exclusively have been created and saved digitally. This is true regardless of your specialty: Corporate Litigation, Intellectual Property, Insurance Subrogation and Fraud, Employment Law, etc.

The paradigm of discovery is shifting and each day adds to the mountain of digital evidence – make it an integral part of your practice.

Leverage Today's Technology to Your Benefit
Exploit the technology that was born from this environment: Partner with Spectrum and turn these challenges to your advantage and help ensure the best outcome for your client

Continue the way you conduct cases today
Partnering with Spectrum does not require you to change how you practice law. Spectrum deploys its advanced services so its customers may benefit from the dramatic speed and thoroughness made possible by today's technologies.

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We handle the technology, so you can practice the law.