Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
Intellectual Property
The Situation

You: A Patent Attorney

Context: Your up-and-coming client firm has been alleged as infringing a key product feature by their market-leading competitor.

Your Challenge: Gathering the level and quality of evidence needed to reach a burden of proof that is 'clear and convincing', a challenge with which you are all too familiar.

Solution: Partner with Spectrum to deploy the latest in digital-discovery and computer-forensic services to maximize your opportunity for success in the discovery phase of this demanding situation.

Whether supporting plaintiff or defendant, your client's stakes demand the e-discovery services of Spectrum.

Leverage Today's Technology Across All Sources of Digital Evidence
Uncover the digital evidence wherever it may reside: laptop computers, a network, USB flash drives, PDAs, or any other digital device or service supporting your client.

Uncover All the Critical Evidence
Finding active and deleted data such as email, design, word-processing, spreadsheet, website-tracking, image, and other significant files is, of course, important and vital to your case.

Spectrum's forensic services take you beyond that, finding digital artifacts to connect devices, times and dates to case-critical occurrences and 'persons of interest'.

Quality, Professionalism, and a Client Focus
Apply our advanced services to cull the mountain of potential digital evidence to a manageable state. Spectrum delivers the evidence you need, so you know the precise facts to build the most robust case.

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We handle the technology, so you can practice the law.