Spectrum Computer Forensics and Risk Management LLC
Corporate Counsel
The Situation
You: Corporate Counsel

Scenario 1 – An External Risk
Context: You have just received a complaint and litigation appears highly likely.

Challenge: Limit your company's downside to this suit and ensure your organization is well positioned to respond to the litigation process, all the while continuing day-to-day operations within a very constrained budget.

Solution: Partner with Spectrum, directly or via outside counsel, to determine the extent of your exposure and prepare your company and its personnel for a smooth and cost-effective discovery process.
Scenario 2 – An Internal Risk
Context: Suspicions are high that an employee is leaking proprietary and confidential information to a competitor.

Challenge: Quickly determine the truth behind these suspicions before key evidence is lost and ensure a solid case can be made.

Solution: Call Spectrum to identify, analyze, and preserve all the digital evidence relating to this issue, answering the concerns of the leadership team and building a robust case.

Leverage the experience and value of Spectrum's advanced capabilities and services for your firm.

Digital-Discovery Support:
Spectrum helps you meet your corporate discovery challenges with experience and a pragmatic eye to cost control. Our customers rely on our years of supporting a diverity of corporate cases and clientele to help meet your data/ESI identification, preservation, processing, and review requirements.

Computer Forensics:
Some of the unique challenges facing companies today require the computer-forensic analysis of a wide variety of corporate systems, ranging from email to mobile devices, and encrypted laptops. Spectrum's computer-forensic services will find the case-critical data on these systems, including deleted content, and will deliver the answers to your questions in a clear and comprehensive manner.

These same capabilities make for a rapid response to whistle-blowing issues, as well as other compliance and fraud-related incidents.

Why Spectrum:
Whether an e-discovery matter or a computer-forensic case, we will help bridge the gap between your team, IT, and outside counsel, ensuring your organization is best prepared for the discovery and litigation process.

Our experience in the corporate world, combined with our digital-discovery and computer-forensic knowledge, position us uniquely to service your organization in a professional and value-conscious manner.
We handle the technology, so you can practice the law.